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Try These Coping Strategies When You’re Depressed

January 2, 2024

Depression is a common mental condition in the United States. Almost 7 percent of adults will experience it in any given year, and about 16.6 percent of adults will feel depressed at some point in their life. Most people suffering from depression can find effective relief through psychiatric medications and talk therapy.

You are guaranteed superior care at the office of Vibrant Integrative Psychiatry. We maintain a position at the forefront of advances in psychiatric treatment. We are experts in our field and enjoy greeting our patients with welcoming smiles. You will receive the utmost care in a warm and pleasant environment as we examine every aspect of your issue and discuss with you your treatment options.

On days when you’re so depressed that it’s difficult to function, taking simple actions will help you find relief. 

Get out of bed. Even a move to your living room couch is a step forward. One percent of progress is better than zero percent. 

Take a shower or bath, and put on a fresh set of clothes. Depression becomes worse when you haven’t kept up with your personal hygiene and you’ve been wearing the same clothes for more than two days. 

Continue taking your psych meds on schedule. Consistency is imperative to your treatment. If getting out of bed is too daunting, keep your prescriptions and fresh water on your nightstand, within easy reach. 

A change of scenery is surprisingly helpful, even if it’s just stepping outside your home and sitting in the sun. (Vitamin D is a known mood booster!) Even better: Take a walk around your block. Expending physical energy elevates “feel-good” hormones, and being out of your usual environment will help you take your mind off yourself, even if for just a little while. A body in motion tends to stay in motion.

If your depressive state includes a lack of appetite, something as simple as a piece of fruit, pieces of cheese, a sandwich or a cup of soup will lift your blood sugar, energy and mood. 

And above all else: Be kind to yourself. Give yourself plenty of compassion while you’re working through depression. 

At the office of Vibrant Integrative Psychiatry, all of our patients are treated with the utmost compassion and conviction. We’re not here to judge; we’re here to help. We are highly experienced with depressive disorders and are vastly educated in their types of treatments. Please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment.

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